Bench / Table

Pine coated plywood, polyester fabric, and repurposed foam
40” x 18” x 15"

Bench/table is a piece of furniture that encourages sensible and slow social interaction. Inspired by the Japanese culture of living on the floor and slow movement, this furniture suggests an alternative way of dining to the regular sitting position.

Through its symmetrical form, the table references the social time spent between two people, where every element is present in equidistant pairs of two. Situated low to the ground the object promotes humility by not imposing a specific mode of use.

The table equally serves as a bench, where the cushions can be used when sitting at the table or upon its surface. The simplicity explored in our design approach is expressed in the table’s minimal form through a visual continuity of line.

Designed in collaboration with Eli Kerr.

Photos by Coey Kerr.