Red oak, 3D printed ABS
4” x 4” x 6.5"

Päre is inspired by an ancient lighting system used in Finland in the early 20th century during the dark winter hours. A simple piece of wood was attached to a stand, and it was light on fire. This would allow a humble 15 minutes of flickering light, after which the splinter needs to be replaced.
I couldn’t help but wonder, what kind of bond one creates with the light, when it cannot be taken for granted. I wanted to study how could I replicate this relationship with technologies of present day.

Päre is a lamp that works only with human generated power. In order for Päre to emit light, one needs to pull from the handle. The light, with quality similar to a candle, will last for less than two minutes. Once the light fades away, Päre needs more pulling. What if in order to emit light, we would need to constantly give attention to our lamps? What is our relationship with energy and electricity?

The function is critical, but humorous and practical. It could operate as a children’s night light. Due to it’s powering technique it could be easily carried around or even pulled under the blanket for secret reading!